Plays dealing with human frustration over social ills were sensitively staged.

Visakha Music and Dance Academy organised staging of two short social plays recently in Kalabharathi. The first was Eenaati Vaar thallo Mukhyamsaalu script by noted cine-dialogue writer Kasi Viswanath and direction by Jagdish for Nataraja Arts Creations.The playwright, through an example of a family, first establishes how its head and sole bread-winner under circumstances of b eing a victim to the ongoing processes in the society like rampant corruption, nepotism, favouritism so on and so forth takes recourse to rebellion through violence and ultimately terrorism . The family as a result is put to ignoble suffering. Finally, V iswanath through many a turn and twist in the story line seeks to give a message that the so-called saviours of the society by violent methods could better serve the nation fighting against the enemy at the borders but not at home causing permanent distr ess to their own kith and kin. Kasi Viswanath, S.A. Srirama Murthy, Jagdish, M.K. Nagabhushana Rao in the main role, S.A. Swamiji, Hema and Uma collectively conveyed the message empathetically. The second was Pitruvanam by Dhawala Sanyasi Rao, dir ected by K.S.Y. Satya Prasad for Mandulu Memorial Arts. The oft-repeated story depicting the neglect of old parents and their suffering, was depicted in a different way by playwright Dhawala Sanyasi Rao this time with a message with a telling effect. He shows an old father being made senseless and thrown in the burial ground and brought back to normalcy humanely by its watchman. Through many a sequence he makes the children realise what would be their fate if such a treatment is meted out to them in tur n by their children.

Good show

J.B. Nageswara Rao, in particular, as the old man, in the company of V. Nancharayya, K. Srinivas, P. Rama Rao, E. Adinarayana, K.S.Y. Satya Prasad, P. Kumar Teja and D. Jayalakshmi successfully surfaced the underlying sentiments in the play effectively. Music by P. Raju, make-up by K. Bharani Kumar, stage decor by G. Balakrishna and S. Appala Naidu, lighting by N.V. Ramana and overall management by V. Nancharayya contributed grandeur. A.R.S.