The saint composer’s songs were rendered with great fervour.

The Jayanthi of Sri Narayana Tirtha, author of Sri Krishna Leela Tharangini, was jointly organised by the Narayana Tirthar Trust, Narada Gana Sabha and Saraswathi Vaggeyakkara Trust.

The highlight of the Tarangam Music Festival held at the Narada Gana Sabha was the presentation of the compositions of the saint composer by two different generations in two segments.

In the first part, Thirupoonthuruthy Venkatesan’s disciples comprising five girls (Swathi, Sruthi, Lavanya, Vaishali and Lakshmi) and four boys (Rohit, Narayanan, Niranjan and Nishant) presented ‘Goshti Ganam’ of

Namasankeerthanam and Tarangam. Their selection also included the songs of Sadasiva Brahmendrar, Oothukkadu and Jayadeva. ‘Jaya jaya’, ’Charanu charanu’, ’Yehi mudam mama’ (set in catchy Jhonpuri), the highpitched ‘Radhe govinda,’ the popular ‘Jaya jaya gokula bala’ were among the many numbers presented.

The group sang in gay abandon with the cymbals adding fervour. Additional support came from Vijayashree Raman on the harmonium and Manikudi S Chandrasekaran on the mridangam. It was a full-scale bhajan rendition and apart from the sruti slipping occasionally it was a praiseworthy effort from the young brigade programme.

The second segment featured veteran R.K.Srikantan. A remarkable aspect of the recital was the voice — strong and steady despite the age. The diction was perfect. The brief excursions of vintage Huseni (‘Sahachari samarasa’) and vibrant Pantuvarali (‘Dhanyadan’) whetted the appetite of the full hall of music lovers. Mohanam exuded charm (‘Jaya jaya swamin’), Nattai (‘Jayajaya Ramanantha’) was grand in its majesty and Sowrashtram (‘Yehi yehi vijayagopala’) was classic. Son Ramakant provided vocal support while M.A.Sundreswaran, and K.V.Prasad accompanied on the violin and the mridangam respectively.