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Quest for spaceOne of Vishakha Apte’s works.
Quest for spaceOne of Vishakha Apte’s works.

In Vishakha Apte’s canvases, mundane objects form pictorial spaces.

The objects – their position and situation – say it all in Vishakha Apte’s canvases. A book, chair, glass, bowls, clothes – everything is captured with an intention to suggest human presence.

Apte’s minimalist canvases in pastels have a dream-like quality. The depiction of objects lends it a realistic touch but the way they are depicted makes them semi-realistic. For one, everything appears to be floating, suspended in space. A book lies open in a corner hinting it is in the process of being read by somebody.

“It’s about scatterings of objects and things around me. The stuff depicted has lost its utilitarian aspect. These ordinary, homely objects have become part of the pictorial space and become living forms in themselves. Even if everything is still, it’s not devoid of movement,” says Bhopal-based artist Apte.

Of corners

Then there are corners. Corners of a table, an open cupboard door or a shelf, a photo frame, again a prominent part of the space in her works. “They look as if they are going out of the boundaries of the canvas and merging with the atmosphere. In a way, it shows my search, my quest for space. I have always done this kind of work but over the years, the canvas is becoming less and less cluttered with more and more space visible,” explains Apte. The whole concept of making objects came from the solitude of Apte’s working process. It began with her studio and later took her to observe and then depict the chaos everywhere.

Coming back to the technique, on a few canvases, Apte has pasted paper giving the work a slight relief. The entry of a third dimension on her canvases, she says, comes from the fact that she is a printmaker as well. “With prints you are working with a third dimension, that is a plate.”

Apte graduated from the JJ School of Art, Mumbai, and has held several solo shows in Delhi and Mumbai. Her etchings are also on display. Her colour palette comprises mute pastels and her lines are strong and dark. Occasional traces of shadows can be found to refer to the time factor.

An art show without any frills.

(The show is on till September 28 at Gallery Art

Motif, F-213 C Lado Sarai.

For details contact – 011-42664343)




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