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EAGER The audience is eager to see the chemistry between Ganesh and Ramya in Bombat
EAGER The audience is eager to see the chemistry between Ganesh and Ramya in Bombat

Ramya is all excited about Bombaat and her other projects

"MussanjeMaathu" iscompleting100 days."Bombaat" is hitting thetheatres today and Ramyais gung ho. Her pairingwith Ganesh has causedripples and the audiencesare eager to see the chemistrythese two starsshare. "I was very comfortablewith him on the setsand I guess that'll showon-screen," says Ramya,who's parsimonious whenit comes to praising costarsespecially her heroes.She feels rejuvenatedafter a long break and israring for some interestingprojects. One such is ashort film, "I Am Plain Sita"designed by the renownedcinematographer, director,Rajeev Menon. He'sco-written the film withRevathi. Students of theChennai Film Institutehave made the film. "It'sabout the travails a middle-class housewife facesduring the course of an ordinaryday. At the end of agruelling day after beinghumiliated by all and sundryher identity is questionedsince her surnameis different in a certificateshe produces for a job. It'sthought provoking," saysthe chirpy actress. Thetrade pundits in Chennaihave only good things tosay about her long delayed"Vaaranam Aayiram".

The film has finally beenwrapped up after a fortnightlong schedule inPondicherry. The interestingthing is that directorGautam Menon wantsher to dub for the film. "Hefound my dialogue deliverygood on the sets andwants to retain my voice,"says Ramya, whose Tamilis pretty good. I try to provokeher by mentioningthat Gautam seems tohave more confidence inher than her directorshere. I only get a longpause and an all sayingsneer. The success of "Polladhavan"didn't do muchfor her career in Chennaibut "Vaaranam Ayiram"could change all that. Backhere she's also finished"Anthu Inthu PreethiBanthu". Is she doing"Veera Madakari" withSudeep? "Noo. It's a remake.I watched the originaland the heroine onlygets to show her midriffwhile the hero has a doublerole," says Ramya whodoesn't mince words. Notalking behind the backwith her. What you hear iswhat she thinks.

* * *Rajnikanth's fans havebeen taken for a royal rideby the director of "Kuchelan".The superstar himselfhad humbly claimedthat his was just a guestappearance and Pasupathywas the hero but themakers touted the projectas a typical Rajni film andsold it for a fortune to thehighest bidder. The film, aremake of the touchingMalayalam film, "KathaParayumbol" is ennui inducingwhich is somethingyou can never accuse aRajni starrer to be. Thedifference is that Mammootyappears for barelyten minutes in the originalwhile Rajni's role lasts forover forty minutes. Thesad thing is that he gets todo precious little except inthe climax. Rajni, in thelast reel reveals thatthere's a tremendouslytalented actor behind allthose idiosyncrasies andmannerisms. It's the unreasonableexpectationsamong his fans that havemade him a puppet. In thelast ten minutes he leavesyou misty eyed and with alump in your throat butit's too late. The music isterrible and Nayantara sashayingwith an exaggeratedswagger leaves youcold. Rajni, in a chillinglycathartic line in the filmsays not even the biggestof stars can save a bad film.S. SHIVA KUMAR



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