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It’s funny A scene from ‘Ek Se Badhkar Ek’.
It’s funny A scene from ‘Ek Se Badhkar Ek’.


Theatre ‘Ek Se Badhkar Ek’ had the audience in splits.

Sutradhar’s Ek Se Badhkar Ek, a comedy in English/Hindi staged at Bhaskara Auditorium in B.M.Birla Planetarium, Adarsh Nagar on Sunday was adapted from Sankarmanchi Parthasarathy’s popular Telugu play titled Abbey Emi Ledu.

The play is about a middle-class couple – Sachin and Kuki, their deaf cook - Goongaram, Sachin’s boss – Sharma, and two impostors.

Kuki loses her diamond ring just before leaving for Nagpur. Sachin suspects Goongaram of stealing it. Sharma decides to turn Casanova for a day and with Kuki’s absence, Sharma and Sachin decide to have some ‘real’ fun. Enter two impostors, whom Sharma mistakes to be the doctor and compounder, who have come to treat the ailing cook. Sachin thinks they are Sharma’s ‘colourful contacts’. Meanwhile, Goongaram finds the ring, and then begin the merry-go-round sequences where each one tries to pass the ring to other. As if the confusion was not enough, Kuki misses her flight and returns to spoil the party. After a few twists and turns, the ring is safely returned to the wife.

It was a dialogue-oriented play and needed good coordination to bring out the humourand this was done effectively by all the artistes, with Sandeep as Sachin stealing the show.

So did Srikanth as the boss. Bhasker Shewalker showed how one can stand out even in a small role.

All the characters suited their roles well. It also coincided with their tenth anniversary of theatre workshops conducted by them. The original Telugu script had been changed to suit the modern tastes. Being a seasoned theatre group and with talented artistes, they should have made the audience laugh with their performances than using crude form of gestures and language. Mohit, Amal raj, Sujata, Abhijeet, Srikanth, sandeep and Bhasker Shewalker were the artistes who performed.

The play was directed by Prof. Bhaskar Shewalkar and Vinay Varma.



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