Good openingThe first week's TAM ratings of the newgeneral entertainment channel Colors are outand the channel has managed to unseat establishedplayers for the third spot. The channelhas also gathered more TVRs than 9X andNDTV Imagine did in their first weeks. It allseems courtesy the hype around "Khatron KeKhiladi", which has forced people to check thechannel. Some of its other shows like "BalikaVadhu" and "Jai Shri Krishna" have also got adecent opening. But it's still early days. Thechallenge lies ahead.

Room for Zoom

Zoom now seems to be in revival mode. Leading from the front is Rakhi Sawant with her chat show. She asks audacious questions. Like she asked a blushing Deepika Padukone, “If you expose then what will I do?” And her tone and tenor seem grossly inspired by Prabhu Chawla. After all she has featured many a time in “Seedhi Baat”!

Done to death?

The reaction to the sad demise of Ishmit Singh proved once again the popularity of reality show stars. The country responded as if a head of state had passed away.

All the news channels were clogged with the news of the sudden death of the 19-year-old. Almost the whole of Ludhiana turned up at his house to mourn.

Do our teenage champs realise their following?

Are they ready to handle the sudden burst of publicity? These are some of the questions that Ishmit has left us pondering.

Rainy days

The incessant rains in Mumbai have disrupted the shooting of television shows. The most badly hit are daily shows. Recently the entire crew of “Hamari Devrani” was stranded in Borivali National Park. It is not only outdoor shoots which are hit by the inclement weather, the edit suites at Veera Desai Road are also flooded. The worst hit is Star’s “Voice of India” whose episodes are to be edited in advance. For once, executive producers are panicking for things beyond their control!