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FEW SAVING GRACES: Paththu Paththu
FEW SAVING GRACES: Paththu Paththu

Paththu Paththu

Genre: Thriller

Director: Sathyam

Cast: ‘Thalaivaasal’ Vijay, Bose Venkat

Storyline: A murder, and the police team’s futile hunt for the killer …

Bottomline: Do I have to spell it out?

What could have been a taut crime thriller touches the nadir of depravity with crass item numbers, and titillating overtures in the name of dance, in this story of an oversexed wife and her middle-aged husband.

Advertised as a crisp two-hour narration with six main characters where none is hero or heroine, ‘Paththu Paththu’ (A) did raise expectations originally. But the moment a flabby Sona enters to flaunt her assets unabashedly in the opening song sequence, your first thought is to grab your bag and leave! Choosing an actor who has a figure worth showing off is the least writer-director Sathyam could have done.

To be fair to Sathyam, his thought process reveals some innovation. But the deplorable screenplay damages ‘Paththu …’ no end.

The whodunit line

Film director Subbu (‘Thalaivaasal’ Vijay) is killed at 10.10 p.m. (hence the title). His body is found lying in the house of Valli, a lawyer. Just the previous evening Subbu has seen his seductive wife (Sona) in a compromising position with his friend’s son, and the shock is too much to bear. But the wife shows no remorse — in fact she contemplates killing him. Subbu goes out in frenzy and gets into a scuffle with a goon. Then there’s the thief who is seen at the scene of crime. The whodunit line could have galloped on at breakneck speed, if the four (!) unwarranted gyratory exercises in the name of dance had not acted as spokes in its pace.

No point in listing the loopholes. They don’t make a difference either way. But it’s sad to see actors such as Krishna, who’ve made a mark on the small screen, going through the motions in insipid roles.

Suffering through ‘Paththu …’ isn’t just exasperating. It makes you livid. Just two things about the film are laudable — its length, and the portrayals of ‘Thalaivaasal’ Vijay and Bose Venkat. Absolute waste of effort and time!




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