Wide angle excuse

Ekta Kapoor's "Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki",which opened this week with lots of expectations on9X failed to excite. It appeared a hurried exercise fullof factual inaccuracies. Ved Vyasa is seen narratingthe biggest poem in prose, Shantanu, the king ofHastinapur goes hunting in the barren Ladakh. Thecharacters have been dressed up like Greek gods, acheap copy of big budget Hollywood films like"Troy". The makers seem to have forgotten that justthe frequent use of wide angle lens doesn't addgrandeur. The dialogues lack the punch and pronunciationand the cast seems tired and is still in themould of Ekta's saas-bahu sagas. Sakshi (as Ganga)continues to be Parvati and Anita's (as Draupdi) lipmovements are not in sync with dialogues. Even thetalented Makrand Deshpande is hamming. Silverlining: Kiran Karmakar as Shantanu.

Counter culture!

From blockbusters to serious cinema,World Movies continue to augment itsbank of meaningful cinema. Recentlythe channel has acquired "Che", theGolden Palm nominee at Cannes 2008that won Del Toro the best actor award.The four-hour-plus epic is the first fullcinematic rendition on the life of LatinAmerican revolutionary Ernesto `Che'Guevara.

Bust the blockbuster

The way channels publicise theirproducts, every film is a blockbuster.Recently, a channel sent the publicitymaterial of a reality show which said thewinner will get to work in a blockbusterproduced by a well known productionhouse. Height of wishful thinking! Similarlyduds like "Naach" and "Hum TumhareHain Sanam" are publicised asblockbusters. However, this week is differentas HBO is bringing the biggestHollywood blockbuster of 2007, "Spiderman3" to out living rooms this Fridayat 9 pm.

Mythical news!

Taking a cue from entertainment channels, newschannels are also turning mythological. As if thefrequent stories on Sai Baba were not enough, lastweek Aaj Tak in its programme "Vishesh" (Special)talked about Ravan's mummy and hinted on itspresence. As always there were no hard facts justspeculation. For pictures they had the good oldpictures of the late Arvind Trivedi fighting it outwith Arun Govil. Talking of speculation, Arushimurder cases continues to be the hotbed of gossipon the basis of so-called sources. Zee News declaredRajesh Talwar and his wife were not present intheir house on the night of murder and India TVshowed an hour long question answer session betweenRajesh and CBI. A reconstruction captionappeared at the corner of the screen. Now India TVis a Hindi news channel. Should it not put thereconstruction caption in Hindi?