Hats off to Mr. Smarty Pants - Get Smart

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Genre: Comedy

Director: Peter Segal

Cast: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, The Great Khali

Storyline: Maxwell Smart on his very first mission, along with the more experienced and attractive Agent 99, must save the world from the evil KAOS that is supplying terrorist groups with nuclear technology.

Bottomline: A day at The Office for Michael Scott.

Underdog films are always fun. More so when they feature your favourite TV stars doing what they do best. If you loved Michael Scott, the obnoxious boss from “The Office” (the US version), you are going to love Maxwell Smart. Watching Steve Carell do Maxwell Smart is like watching Michael Scott finally realise his dream to act in that James Bond-like screenplay he wrote back at “The Office”.

And, you’re rooting for him right from the word Get. Also, there’s Todd Packer, his super-gross friend from “The Office” (David Koechner) to give him company at the Control headquarters in ‘Get Smart.’ And, there’s Hiro Nakamura from “Heroes” (Masi Oka) who plays a techie at Control. Incidentally, Masi Oka and Nate Torrence (remember Clarke Butterfield from “How I Met Your Mother” who has an ongoing feud with Barney and Marshall) have already completed shooting for the spin-off to ‘Get Smart’ reprising their roles as the techie geeks, this time playing the leads, in ‘Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control.’

Borderline Bond spoof

When you already have these guys you know and love in a borderline James Bond spoof, the plot is just an excuse to watch them come up with some incredibly funny lines in laugh out loud situations. That Anne Hathaway’s never looked hotter is a big bonus. She could snag a Bond film with this leggy audition.

‘Get Smart’ consistently delivers the laughs while stringing along a fairly engaging story and that is good because when you’re falling out of the seat laughing, you can’t quite follow an elaborate plot.

You know who the bad guys are and you know Steve Carell is going to get them with his smarty pants (that last bow where he flashes his cheeks is a howler) and maybe get Anne Hathaway to fall for him along the way.

With a support cast like Alan Arkin (as the Chief of Control) and James Caan (a cameo as the President of the United States), well-orchestrated action sequences (that spoof ‘Speed’ and ‘Entrapment’ and various Bond films) featuring The Great Khali and The Rock, you can be assured that this is not something they put together for TV.

Peter Segal (‘50 First Dates,’ ‘Anger Management’) has this natural knack for comedy through the silliest of excuses and that sees ‘Get Smart’ through.

Needless to say, the film belongs to Steve Carell, one of the most underrated comic talents ever. He can say the most outrageously funny lines with a serious, straight face.

So you go Get Smart, grab a ticket right away.




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