Notable debut “GV Films is my second home. It’s only natural that my debut begins here,” says Lakshmikanthan, the director of Taxi No ‘TN 07-AL- 4777,’ a Tamil remake of the Nana Patekar-John Abraham Hindi hit. Pasupathy, and Ajmal who made quite an impression in ‘Anjaadhe,’ play the parts in the Tamil version. “I could only think of Pasupathy in Patekar’s role. And Ajmal’s rich sophisticated look impressed me,” he explains. Having apprenticed under the late cinematographer-filmmaker Jeeva, expectation from Lakshmikanthan is bound to be high. Why a remake? “I had a two-hero subject ready. But in today’s scenario it could be a tough proposition. So I opted for ‘4777.’” That’s MGR’s car number, right? “We are ardent fans of MGR, all the same the number is also that of film producer Venkatramani’s car,” says the film’s PR unit.

Numerology or more?

“I play an investigative journalist in ‘Kudiyarasu.’ The film will have plenty of action,” says Vignesh, its hero. Then why is everyone only talking about the passionate kissing scene filmed recently on him and TV anchor turned heroine Suguna? “Please! There’s much more to ‘Kudiyarasu’ than just that scene, I promise,” is his earnest reply. Though he’s worked with eminent directors, success seems to be eluding him. Is that the reason for his name change? Vignesh has begun to call himself Vigneshvaran. “Not at all! As a performer I’m a great fan of Raghuvaran. Over the years his advice about my career has helped me a lot. Hence I’ve added the last part of his name to mine,” he says!

At the spot

‘Newtonin Moondram Vidhi,’ which has S.J. Suryah as hero, is in the making. Shooting, which was proceeding at a fast pace came to halt when Suryah hurt himself at the shooting spot during a fight sequence on ECR. Suryah was on a motorbike, and the injury resulted in a scar on his face. The unit will now wait till the scar heals. The film is a thriller of sorts, you hear, with the happenings in a couple of hours comprising the entire film. Meanwhile, the filmmaker-actor is also directing a Telugu film with Pawan Kalyan in the lead.

Remake time

Yet another Hindi flick to take a Tamil avatar is `Guru En Aalu.' `Yes Boss,' the original, had Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla in the lead, with Aditya Pancholi in a supporting role. Here it will be Madhavan and Mamta Mohandas, with Abbas sharing screen space with them. The last time the two heroes came together was for `Minnalae,' a huge success. `Guru .' will mark KRG's 49th production - the producer returns to filmmaking after a five-year hiatus. Director Selva who struck gold with `Naan Avan Illai' (a remake of Gemini Ganesan's film) and the recent `Thotta,' is all set for another success with `Guru .' a light-hearted love story. Known for his quick way of working, Selva is completing `Guru .' in one go.