Hosted by Vijay Adhiraj, ‘Thirandidu Sesame,’ the show that gifts every participant with loads of prizes, gets more special this week, as the contestants are either young married couples or lovers. To find out who gets pampered with maximum gifts, tune in to Vijay TV, February 10, 20.00.

The next special episode that follows is ‘Neeya Naana,’ at 21.00 moderated and hosted by Gopinath.

Aimed at those in love and young couples, the topic for discussion is ‘Who is more hesitant to express their love - Men or Women’? The teams discuss various other topics such as What one does to impress his/her beloved/spouse and what one cherishes the most about his/her lover one.

The special guests for the show is actor Tinku and his wife Supriya, who share their experience of love and their life together after marriage.