A unique convergence

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SPARKLING DUOAnantaram and Amit were brilliant
SPARKLING DUOAnantaram and Amit were brilliant

The three-day Sangeetha Nrithyotsava under the aegis of Vamshi Academy of Music Trust and Rotary Club (West) concluded with an interesting programme where two art forms converged enthralling the audience. Noted father-son-flautist-duo B.K. Anantaram and Amit A. Nadig were at the helm of their talent and brilliance. Picking up the cues from them famous artist B.K.S. Varma created captivating images using thread and black and yellow and red colours. The duo rendered "Vatapi ganapathim" (Hamsadhwani) with trikaala swaras. Varma drew a dancing Ganesha in tribhanga holding flute and chitike in his two hands a unique imagination indeed. "Endaro Mahanubhavulu" in music was supported by a devotionally and musically engrossed Thyagaraja's attractive portrait. Kanakadasa's "Baaro Krishnaiah" was reflected on the canvass with mischievous Krishna playing with butter. The rendition of "Nagumomu" (Abheri), "Anandaamrithaakarshini" (Amrithavarshini) and "Tungateera viharam" was supported with a picture of Sri Raghavendraswamy in a pensive mood. The flautists were splendidly supported by B. Lakshmi (violin), N. Vasudeva (mridanga), Dayananda Mohite (ghata) and T.M. Karthik (rhythm pad).

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An innovative flute recital by Ashwini K. Varagur featuring the depiction of Vishwaroopa on the basis of Raghupathi Bhat's Ganjifa paintings. Ashwini had seen the Vishwaroopa as the extension of the five basic elements (panchabhootaas) With Jyotsna Manjunath (violin), Ranjani Venkatesh (mridanga), Bhagyalakshmi (morsing) and Karthik Mani (rhythms), providing varied and complementary sound effects and supported by slides of the Vishwaroopa paintings. Ashwini began with "Tulasidala" (Mayamalavagowla). She was applauded for Vasanthi (for Akasha tatwa), Vitapi (Bhoo), Hamsanandi (Agni), Tilang (Jala) and Dwijavanthi (Vaayu). The flautists cleverly and skilfully used flutes of different sizes to produce a rainbow of bhavas. M. SURYA PRASAD



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