Event Vizianagaram came alive to a vibrant theatre activity at the ‘Nandi Natakotsavalu -2012. V. chalapathi Rao

The eight-day Nandi Natakotsavalu-2012 that was held at Anand Gajapathi Auditorium in Vizianagaram was a treat to the theatre lovers. It was no exaggeration to mention that some of them came from far off places and watched all the 43 plays (10 verse dramas, nine social dramas, 12 each social and children’s social play-lets) interestingly that began just after breakfast at 8.30am and ended around 10pm with small breaks between each play. All the plays were so absorbing that viewers were glued to their chairs and clapped whenever a scene touched hearts.

The event truly was a feast to eyes and ears. Each theme conveyed a message like role of money in human relations, uprightness and dedication to service, impact of visual media on young minds, consequences for being corrupt politician, and importance of harmony between husband and wife among others to society. Thanks to script writers for their thought-provoking messages.

Palleti Lakshmi Kulasekhar, though he penned Babhruvahana Vijayam and Maha Gnani Markhendeya (both verse dramas) and Amruta Kalasam (social play-let), won second prize for Maha Gnani…. While Migada RamalingaSwamy ( Yamunacharya - verse drama) got first prize, Akella (first prize for Kotha Nayakudu - social drama), K.L. Prasad (second prize for Kalyani - social drama), S. Chandrasekhar (first prize for Chengalva Poodanda - social play let) and R. Prem Kishore (second prize for Kaastha Siggu Padadam - social play let), and B. Kamalakar (best prize for Jaya Jaya Jayahe - children’s social play-let).

Babhruvahana Vijayam , staged by Lalitha Kala Samiti, Kurnool, which won gold Nandi and Ballari Raghava award for Baburaju Theetla (best actor) and two more bronze Nandis in mythological category, was a fight between Arjuna and his son Babhruvahana. Brilliant lighting by Surabhi Sankar and make up by C. Srinivas stole the show. Kotha Nayakudu (social drama) by Arvind Arts, Tadepalli (Guntur), which won gold Nandi, showed how politicians influence voters with money and defeat selfless leaders like Putchalapalli Sundarayya, Vavilala Gopalakrishnayya and Tenneti Viswanadham.

Okka Maate Chaalu in the social play-let category, staged by Sri Sai Arts, Tenali, which won gold Nandi advise one to be polite and improve human bondage. Jaya Jaya Jayahe in children’s social play-let category, which won gold, shows the impact of visual media on young minds. Parents have a responsibility to make them tread the path of Mahatma Gandhi, Swamy Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam, among others. At the end of each play officials felicitated each artiste.