`Bhaktha Ambareesha' enthralled all.

Bhaktha Ambareesha, a mythological drama, was presented jointly by Mummaneni Subbarao Sidhardha Kala Peetham and Venkateswara Arts Academy of Vijayawada at the Sidhardha auditorium. One of the best mythological dramas seen in the city in the recent times, Ambareesha, was well scripted and also had good music. The drama unfolds the story of Ambareesha, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu who does penance, thus creating the demon Krita who subsequently tries to kill sage Doorvasa. The demon Krita does not leave Doorvasa even though he appeals to the Thrimurthis. Then Ambareesh prays to Lord Vishnu and the Lord destroys the Rakshasi. All the artistes enacted their respective roles with seasoned artistry thereby endearing the audience. P. SURYA RAO