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First Time The climax sequence lasts for 40 minutes!
First Time The climax sequence lasts for 40 minutes!

Cyanide Ramesh is back with Minchina Ota, which is a complete package. The auteur, by the way, is miffed with Ramgopal Varma

Cyanide Ramesh after a long hiatus is ready with his next offering “Minchina Ota” a title that described the late Shankar Nag’s personality perfectly. It will hit the theatres on July 10. There was more excitement than anxiety in his voice which speaks of his confidence in his offering. The film stars the brothers Murali and Vijay and Lakshmi Rai is the heroine.

What’s the film about?

It’s about a chase, a pursuit. For the first time in the history of Kannada cinema, the climax sequence lasts for 40 minutes. It’s about whether the heroes attain what they want and reach their destination.

What makes it different from the regular commercial film?

We’ve used a Super 35 camera and some exotic locations. We’ve also designed a car and truck for the chase like they do in Hollywood.

They are so strong that we had the car ramming into a running train and the heroes emerge unscathed. You’ve seen cars skidding but here you’ll watch a huge truck skidding.

What difference does a Super 35 camera make to the quality of a film?

The clarity and sharpness of image is unmatched. They used Super 35 for ‘Sivaji’.

Was ‘Gaali Pata’ also shot in Super 35?

Yes, but they didn’t use the lens we used for the action scenes. We spent nearly two crore rupees just for the cameras and raw stock.

Is it difficult for a person who made ‘Cyanide’ to make such a film?

I love all kinds of films from Kurosawa to Rajnikanth. I don’t want to be slotted as someone who can make only one kind of films. I want to make films in all genres.

Weren’t you tempted to sign big stars?

My previous films which won State awards had new actors. I know that my heroes films have not done well but that was to my advantage. Stars will not fit in because my characters are normal kids.

But your producer will not be satisfied if you just get a State award for this film.

You’re right. People in Gandhinagar feel I can make only good films but not successful films. This film is to prove them wrong. It has every ingredient necessary to make a film successful. The audience will not regret the money they’ve paid. My heroine wears the Yakshagana costume and make-up which is very difficult and it’s awesome on-screen.

You say your next film will be about Veerappan, but Ramgopal Verma has announced he’s making a film about the bandit. If I remember right you were supposed to direct that film for him.

I pity him. I had told him I was making the film and had given him the outline too. It’s nothing but back-stabbing. We’d discussed so many things and he’d asked me to direct the film. He’s changed. He had asked me to meet Muthulakshmi but now he’s gone ahead and met her. I feel cheated.

Are you going ahead with your project?

Of course. Let him do what he’s capable of and I’ll show my talent. I had told him the script. He hasn’t had the decency to talk to me.




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