Peravalli Nandakumar’s delightful violin solo for Sujanaranjani last week at its venue Hanuman Devasthanam, Sanathnagar was one of the remarkable events.

His brother Jayabhasker was with him on mridangam. Nandakumar is the disciple of violin maestro Annavarapu Ramaswamy of Paruapplli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu School, where vocalists were also taught violin to help them choose their musical path. An established artiste,

Nandakumar is an established artiste and is an A-grade artiste of All India Radio.

He is presently working as a lecturer in the Government College of Music and Dance, Guntur.

Nandakumar opened the concert with Vatapi in Hamsadhwani, marked by swaraprasthara. Endaro, a pancharatnakirtana of Thyagaraja in raga Sri was the next elaborate number that won appreciation.

Graceful recital

After playing Sasraswathi Namosthute in Saraswathi and Ramabhakti Samrajyam Nandakumar took up Shanmukhapriya as his main offeringHe played it in detail displaying his skills on the stringed instrument. Ekambreswara Nayaki, a rare number of Dikshitar was his choice in this raga and presented it with graceful nereval and brisk swarakalpana.

It was a remarkable presentation, full of raga and bhava.

Jayabhsker’s tani avartanam was also quite absorbing.

The later part of Nandakumar’s concert violin had a popular Annamacharya composition - Brahmakadigina Padamau in Mukhari. and concluded the show with a Dhanasri tillana.

It was a remarkable presentation by Nandkumar, full of raga and bhava .