All actors in the play, `Sri Krishna Raayabaaram,' came up with good performances.

Sri Saikalaa Niketan organised a poetic drama , Sri Krishna Raayabaaram, which is an extract from the mega play Pandavodyogamulu of the renowned poetic and playwright duo Thirupathi Venkatakavulu last week. This play was a part of the monthly schedule of the association, which stages a poetic drama every second Friday. The play constituted of three acts. The first depicted the way the Kourava King Duryodhana and the Pandava madhyama (Arjuna) approached Lord Krishna for His help in the battle that became inevitable. While Duryodhana believed in the physical might and opted for huge battalions of army, Arjuna, though was given the option of selecting his share first, preferred Lord Krishna to be on his side. The second act depicted the discussion between the Pandava brothers and their decision to request the Lord to go as their ambassador of peace to the Kourava court and arrange for a treaty. The third act constituted the episodes of verbal duels between the different sections of the Kourava court, their attempt to take Lord Krishna as a Bandee, and the insuperable way the Kouravas were overawed with His Viswaroopa sandarsanam.The spirited effort of playing Krishna in the first act by the sprightly looking six-year-old B. Geetha Prasad, grandson of the many a time Nandi award winner Bagadi V.A. Naidu who directed the play with élan, was a special attraction and kept all in the auditorium literally fascinated. While the boy's father, Vijaya Sai as the Krishna in the other two acts, director's brother B.A. Naidu as Dharmaraja and Karna, D. Jagga Rao as Bhima, N.A. Naidu as Arjuna came out with adroit performances, the others in the cast Gouri Naidu, B. Bhaskar Rao, D. Vidyavathi, D. Mahesh and D.N. Murty did their roles well and sustained the tempo. A. R. S