A mixed bag

Ranee Kumar
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Music Performance by K. P. Nandini didn't quite make the cut at the Kalasagaram monthly concert. Ranee Kumar

Mixed bag K.P. Nandini's rendition.
Mixed bag K.P. Nandini's rendition.

W hen an outsider musician takes to the dais for a concert, the least we expect is regional amity. Classical Carnatic music abounds in Telugu or at least Sanskrit kritis.It would be welcome as well as laudable if the performer takes the pulse of the audience into consideration, which is indeed a very vital clue to success.

K. P. Nandini's vocal was a mixed bag with a slant towards Tamil compositions, especially the centerpiece in Khambhoji: kaana kann kodi vendum…

Though they were quite a few Tamilians in the audience since it was a Kalasagaram monthly concert, the grand raga would have stood out if a more popular kriti was chosen keeping the region in view. It was quite evident that a free-flowing alapana was not Nandini's forte.

Though she evoked the raga lakshana to her best possible extent, it came across asa strenuous effort than an artistic exercise.

Her sangathees and neraval gelled well though the manodharma was mediocre. While Mee valla gunadoshama… in Kapi went smooth, Seethamma ma yamma… (Vasantha ragam) was way too racy. Sabhapathi… in Abhogi, a beautiful raga did not capture the innate melody. In fact, the vocalist would do good to modulate her voice according to the raga, the kriti and of course its meaning of the lyric to make an impact. Mokshamu galada… also finished on a lacklustre note.

Among the Tamil numbers, Enna kavi padinalum… and Eppo varuvai … (Jhonpuri) were appreciable as they were straight renditions sans embellishments. Mridagam by Jaya Bhaskar was steady and yet compelling. Violin by R. Dinakar excelled at certain places. Vijaya Saradhi on the ghatam had little scope to display his expertise except in the tani and later the percussion contest, which was also a brief round-up to the center-piece. The singer has a long way to go in terms of melody, which many Carnatic musicians seem to overlook in the context of classicality. The recital was hosted at Keyes High School auditorium.



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