A laugh riot

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Theatre ‘The last wish baby' staged by Samahaara theatre was the perfect end of the year treat. C. SURESH KUMAR

S amahaara theatre group bid good bye to 2010 with a hilarious satire play The last wish baby adapted from William Seebring's play titled The original last wish baby. The play was staged on New Years Eve at La Makaan.

The play was part of the culmination of a theatre workshop conducted by Ratna Shekar Reddy.

Most of the actors were first timers on the stage; the actors sing, dance, double up playing different roles, and give background scores and commentary. The best part of the group was that the cast included many actors from other theatre groups in the city, which ushers promising future for theatre activity and talent in the city.

The play which has been adapted was written by Shoelace dramatics and Anjali Parvati Koda, apart from the actors themselves improvising scenes and dialogues onstage. The play was directed by Ratna Shekar Reddy.

The play revolved around a new baby born in a hospital without a heart and how the media goes into a frenzy trying to outsmart the other channels with SMS contests, giveaways for answering the questions posted on the TV screens, and in turn making this freak case the most sensational news in the country. The media goes into a probe searching for the father of this heartless child and tries to provoke the mother into submission. Strangely the heart is found separately with another woman, who becomes a part of this story. There is a clash between the mothers and how the media makes most of it is the presentation of the play. The creative aspect of the entire play was the connect of this story to various popular soap serials, tele-marketing shows and chat shows.

The spoof on chat shows, the live coverage of the media , the yoga show, the crime reporter show and TV serials all of which was very well crafted and woven to create hilarious moments in the play. The audience were in splits all through the play.

The cast and crew of twenty included Krishna Shukla, Kanchan Agarwal, Radheshyam Pai, Naren Yadav, Revathi Bhaskar, Shalini Rao, Poonam, Vikas Jain, Abhinav Gomatam, Nikita Hinduja, Azadhey, Supriya, Manohar, Omair,Ritwik, Avakash Mahantha, Nikhil, Vivek, Rahul, Faiz Rai and Jawad Ali, of which the scene stealers were Krishna Shukla and Shalini Rao.

Krishna was superb in imitating a well known Bollywood star and as the yoga swamiji. The rest of the cast were apt and carried their roles with ease.

It was a perfect end to a year by making people laugh to their heart content and Samahaara achieved it by staging this laugh riot.

The play revolved around a new baby born in a hospital without a heart and how the media goes into a frenzy



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