A haunting wistfulness

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ASTOUNDING An integrated effort by T.R. Srinath
ASTOUNDING An integrated effort by T.R. Srinath

Veteran vocalist R.A. Ramamani with her vast experience in Carnatic music and various other genres has carved a special niche for herself as a meritorious performer. Blessed with a high pitch, her voice is of a fine texture, volume and throw. In Ramamani's singing there is a certain flavour and fragrance, an eternal yearning and wistfulness that never forsake her musical expression. In her vocal recital which opened the second music festival entitled "Deepotsava" under the aegis of Ananya at its sabhaangana, she was in full form. Happily accompanied by C.N. Chandrasekhar (violin), M.T. Rajakesari (mridanga) and B.N. Chandramowli (khanjari) she began with the Kedaragowla varna. She took up a fairly demanding Dikshitar-krithi "Sri Mahaganapatiravatumam" in Gowla raga. The neraval at "Prakashakaro" was studded with scholarly kalpanaswaras. Purandaradasa's "Smariso sarvada" (Sriranjini) was sung with a brief ragaalapana. An expert singer could be identified in the elaboration of Andholika raga for "Ragasudharasa". Ramamani packed the raga Ramamani dealt with Poorvi Kalyani with aplomb for "Meenakshi me mudam". Neraval at "Madhurapuri nilaye" was tagged with a strong laya based swaravinyasa. * * *Consistent and purposeful efforts, however, are bound to bring any aspirants closer and closer to perfection. And another significant advance was marked by an astounding recital by flautist T.R. Srinath during the above festival. In the exquisite company of Dr. Natarajamurthy (violin), Ramanujam (mridanga) and Ramesh (morsing), Srinath began with the Kambhoji ata tala varna which gave the audience a foretaste of things to come in the integrated exercise projected in the concert. There was dignity and decorum in the recital. He came up with some exquisite elucidations. Without succumbing to temptations of instrumental gimmickry, he trod the royal path of classicism and tradition. But yet he could highlight his merit and mastery over the instrument and laya. "Gananayakam" (Poornashadja), "Chinnanadina" (Kalanidhi), "Enta muddo" (Bindumalini), "Sharavanabhava" (Pashupatipriya) made it a succinct recital. M. SURYA PRASAD



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