Go globe-trotting with chef extraordinaire, Bobby Chinn. Travel and Living Channel’s ‘World Café’ , May 31 at 10 p.m., takes viewers on a culinary voyage. The series showcases the culture and history behind stunning destinations. Bobby tells the stories of nations through food, architecture and the lives of those who call these exotic locales home.

Bobby begins his spicy adventures on the Zanzibar Island, which is one of the richest food cultures in Africa and an exotic destination. Here the resident chef draws inspiration from the cuisines of the African diaspora, Arabia and the Caribbean.

The island of Sicily offers cuisine that reflects the beautiful island's culture and history. He heads to the city of Catania, located below the famous volcano, Mount Etna, where he visits a winery on its slopes.

Bobby sails into Lisbon, Portugal's capital, and cooks a Portuguese rice dish with a local TV chef. He also checks out some of the wildly diverse restaurants and patisseries, learning more about Portugal's passion for salted cod.

Explore the plentiful produce of Lima, Peru, with Bobby Chinn as he learns how the Spanish influenced the Peruvian palate. Then, head deep into the Andes Mountains to the ancient city of Cusco to savour the traditional flavours of the country.