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Music The Peri father-son duo displayed immense clarity and scholarship.

Lineage speaksViolinists Peri Sriramamurthy and son Thyagaraju perform at Thyagaraja Gana Sabha.
Lineage speaksViolinists Peri Sriramamurthy and son Thyagaraju perform at Thyagaraja Gana Sabha.

Three generations of Peri family have specialised in violin play and occasions arose when the trio, grandson Thyagaraju and son Sriramamurthy of patriarch Subba Rao, played together and entertained the audience with classic melodies. Now that the senior Subba Rao is no more, Sriramamurthy and Thyagaraju are a team and the duo performed last week in the music festival held by Sangeetha Ksheerasagaram in memory of Dr.Pinakapani who passed away recently. They were accompanied by Jayabhasker on mridangam, Krishnaprakash on Kanjira, and Kalivara Prasad on ghatam.

The father-son duo opened with ‘Swaminatha’ of Deekshitar in Nata. Though Sriramamurthy led the show, his son Thyagaraju was no less in matching every move of his father with theclarity and scholarship that he displayed right in this opening number. Both presented raga and swara and their music bore the Peri stamp. The youngest of the lot,

Thyagaraju who is also taking some film music assignments acquired a violin from US that works only with a contact mike fixed to the miniature upper part but with the same string stem as conventional violin. It provides melody filled tunes. ‘Teliyaleru Ramabhakti’ in Dhenuka of Thyagaraja with brief raga had the element of Sahitya intonation. They brought out the real mood of the composition of the worry of Thyagaraja unable to understand the Bhakti element to Srirama.

This was followed by ‘Sree Sankaraguruvaram’ of Mahavaidyanatha Iyer in Nagaswaravali. The duo expanded the raga displaying virtuosi skills; simply lilting, both the violinists enhancing its appeal. The kalpana swaras in Tisra and chaturasra in pai kalam was a beauty both sharing the presentation. ‘Giririja SutaTanaya’ of Thyagaraja in Bangala was a fast play, before the duo presented ‘Paripalayamam’ of Swathi Tirunal in Reetigowla, Roopaka Talam. Reetigowla too came for delineation. This sub-main number was soft melody enjoyable in every phase of its development. This was presented by the father and concluded by the son Thyagaraju. Kirtana presentation was with vocalist touch. The kalpanaswaras that followed were a brilliant exercise by both. ‘Needayarada’ in Vasanthabhairavi, Roopakam, served as a relief number before they took up major number of the concert Kalyani that went to the share of Thyagaraju.

Kalyani was a naive presentation taking it to charming levels. Thyagaraju practically surveyed all its beauties in its presentation taking it to Tarasthayi. As he brought Kalyani upto shadjamam, Sriramamurthi expanded it further till he parked the raga. The kirtana in this ‘Nidhi Cahala Sukhama’ of saint Thyagaraja in misrachapu talam sounded quite appealing. The swarakalpana shared by both was in itself was a treat. The Tani Avartanam by the percussionists elevated the total appeal of this major number with fine muktayies.

‘Tungateera Virajam’ in Salaga Bhairavi of Kamleshu Vithal Das was taken up in the latter part of the concert. Later they played a Meerabhajan in pahadi and concluded their show with Lalgudi Tillana in Kapi.




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