A delightful day out - Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru

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VERY REFRESHING: Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru
VERY REFRESHING: Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru

Genre: Comedy

Director: Nandhini JS

Cast: Ajmal, Rupa Manjari, Mouli, Baby Darshan

Storyline: An ad film director is saddled with the baby he had wanted as model …

Bottomline: Healthy laughs and thrills …

In a scenario where comedy without crudeness is rare ‘Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru’ (U) comes as a breath of fresh air. Making it too classy may not draw all segments of cinema goers, neither will crassness. First time writer-director Nandhini JS, walks the tightrope with élan.

Arjun (Ajmal) who works in an ad agency has to find a baby model for his next commercial. It’s a do-or-die assignment for the agency’s chief Srinivasan (Mouli) and Arjun would do anything to help his boss tide over the crisis. Time is running out and when he does find the suitable baby it brings plenty of hitches with it. His colleague Archana (Rupa Manjari) offers to help him out, and in the process they are caught in a quagmire of problems …

Capable team

‘Thiru Thiru …’ has an interesting cast that delivers. And heading the team is the toddler Darshan. A perfect model and actor whose expressions are spontaneous, the baby, around whom the story revolves, wins hands down! An enjoyable ‘Baby’s Day Out’!

This is Ajmal’s first film as a solo hero and the actor makes optimum use of the avenue that’s opened up for him. Funny, serious, romantic and responsible he conveys a melange of expressions with ease. And neck and neck with him in the acting race is new-find Rupa Manjari. As the meticulous and fastidious Archana she is a perfect foil for the untidy and disorganised Arjun. Even earlier Mouli has proved that a character actor can greatly impact the audience. The last time he achieved it was in ‘Poi Solla Porom.’ He repeats the magic in ‘Thiru Thiru …’ Forgetting names of the people around is not new in comedy, but giving a different reason every time he addresses a person by a wrong name is rib-tickling. Nandhini’s dialogue sparkles in several such situations. His voice modulation where funny lines are uttered with utmost sincerity and seriousness is typically Mouli. Kudos to the performer!

The various ploys that Arjun and Archana adopt to make the culprit confess to her crime have you in splits. Comedy melds with thrill in the sequences at the villain’s den when Archana suggests a DNA test to know the real parents of the baby!

The arresting colour tones of the song sequences are thanks to Sudhir K. Choudhry’s cinematography. Nandhini’s shot divisions lend crispness to the narration and the commendable editing (M.S. Surya) helps her a lot. All the same towards the end you do feel the pace slowing down a little. The lengthy scene at the eerie home of the old woman is an example. And you can’t help wondering why the director who had plugged all the loopholes in the storyline hadn’t shown the straightforward Archana at least trying to take her parents into confidence to bring the baby to her home! The villain, his henchman and their hiding place are inevitable clichés.

Placement of song sequences has been so well worked out that they do not pose a hindrance to the flow of the story.

Mani Sharma’s songs are as youthful and peppy as the script. But the lyric verses are a let down — too pedestrian.

Nandhini cuts a dash — the freshness in her approach and execution is appealing. For those of you who relish levity and thrill in palatable doses, ‘TTTT’ should be straight up your alley.




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