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Concert Violinists from all over the world showcased their skills in a scintillating performance.

In harmony Musicians performing at the concert.
In harmony Musicians performing at the concert.

A violin concert of scintillating music was held at NSTL auditorium, Maanasa, Vishakapatnam, last Sunday. Noted violinists' Sergey Erdenko, Vladimir Bessonov and Michael Savichev of the foremost gypsy band, Loyko; Kheir Eddine M' Kachiche from Algeria; Benedicte Maurseth, a traditional singer of Norwegian style and a professional fiddle player; Catherina Chen of Norway nativity and marked exponent of western classical music; Bethel of Nagaland on piano which she mastered to follow strictly in tune with varied styles of music from all over the globe; violinist Ambi Subramaniam; established vocalist Padma Shri awardee Kavita, wife of legendary violinist, composer and conductor Padma Bhushan title awardee L. Subrahmanyam took part.

The first half of the programme constituted of a minimum of two compositions each by the violinists in their traditional native styles. Evolving perfect synchrony in intonation with differential stress on the notes (swaras), each one of them did not allow even a moment of dullness. Not only that, each of them made a laudable effort of getting at the aesthetic forms of the authentic modes (ragas) the Dorian Dd (Ri ri), Lydian Ff (Ma ma) and Gg (Pa pa); Hypo Phrygian (BB), Hypo Lydian (CC) and Gregorian including Lovian (Gg). Many of the modes in major scales (ragas) like C Major with CDEFGABC (Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa) and CABCDEFG (Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma) were comparable to the attributes of Sankarabharanam and Kalyani. Likewise, many Plagals which conform to the modes of minor scales surfaced in the playing of some more compositions.

The trend was refined with an one hour concert of Carnatic classical which was rendered on violins by L. Subrahmanyam along with his young son Ambi with the support by laya wizard V.V. Ramana Murty on mridangam, Ghantasala Satya Sai on morsing and K. Sekhar on thavil.

Father and son elaborated Vorajoopu in Abhogi and concluded with swaram rendered with gathi variation in the fastest tempo imaginable. The hundredth in the series launched in 1992 in memory of the legendary father violinist Lakshminarayana with the title Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival the concert at Maanasa was organised by the Founder-Director of the Vijay Nirman Co. Ltd., S. Vijayakumar in association with S. Rangarajan, chief of the Tarang Cultual Association of Employees of NSTL, Visakhapatnam.


Evolving perfect synchrony in intonation with differential stress on the notes (swaras), each one of them did not allow dullness.



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