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WALL-E:STAR Movies, Friday, 6.45 p.m.
WALL-E:STAR Movies, Friday, 6.45 p.m.


(STAR Movies, Friday, 6.45 p.m.)

This animation film is set in the distant future when human beings have left Earth as the planet is covered with waste. WALL-E is a robot who is all alone on Earth and collects the rubbish and probably tries to make Earth habitable once again. When the robot meets Eve, a sleek robot, that has been sent to Earth to check out on what is happening, sparks fly!


(STAR Movies, Saturday, 6.45 p.m.)

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) hates his life. He works as a clerk, is sick of his boss who humiliates him constantly, and has a girlfriend who has betrayed him by sleeping with his best friend. That is when Wesley meets Fox (Angelina Jolie). She brings excitement into his life when she tells him about his father who was part of a secret ancient organisation called Fraternity headed by Sloan (Morgan Freeman).

Hot Shots!

(STAR Movies, Sunday, 9 p.m.)

Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) is a top gun fighter pilot. He is assigned a secret mission and is called to serve on SS Essess. Along with him are the extremely incompetent Admiral Thomas Benson (Lloyd Bridges), and a squadron of flyers who are quite useless.

27 Dresses

(STAR Movies, Tuesday, 9 p.m.)

Jane (Katherine Heigl) has been a bridesmaid at 27 weddings and had always helped plan all of them. Jane is in love with George (Edward Burns), her boss, and dreams of having a lovely wedding sometime in the future. She meets Kevin (James Marsden) who finds Jane attractive. That same week, Jane’s sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes to town. Jane watches helplessly when George falls for Tess.

True Heart

(MGM Movies, Sunday, 7.15 p.m.)

With the help of a Native American Indian and a legendary wild bear, two children struggle to survive the wilderness - and evil poachers - in this action-filled adventure.

Stars Kirsten Dunst, Zachery Ty Bryan and Michael Gross.



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