Meat Eater

(Discovery Channel, Saturday, 11 p.m.)

Join Steven, who lives the hunter-gatherer lifestyle by procuring his own meat from the wild using both modern and ancient techniques. He deconstructs and masters the hunting techniques; tracks and pursues the prey and eats just about anything that comes his way. Whether tracking black-tail deer in the remote Alaskan wilderness, or rooting out Javelina in Texas, Rinella will defer to hisback-country roots, challenging himself at every corner while providing nail-biting adventure along the way.

The Adventures of Tintin

(Discovery Kids, Friday, 8 p.m.)

Around the world, everywhere Tintin goes trouble seems to follow. Watch his heroic escapades with Snowy and his loyal friends blustery Captain Haddock, the brilliant but absent-minded Professor Calculus and the detective twins Thompson and Thomson who are always handy in solving mysteries every time!