Cheese Slices

(TLC, Sunday, 9.30 p.m.)

For those who are fond of cheese and would like to know the ways to identify the best of cheese, this programme gives the answers. Join Will Studd as he travels to the world’s most exciting regions looking out for a diverse variety of authentic cheese. This wide spread must stimulate one to eat, travel or learn the methods involved in picking out the best cheese.

Get Out

(TLC, Thursday, 11 p.m.)

Find out the exotic places and tourists spots across the globe to enjoy a relaxing getaway. This programme features super cool beaches of Hawaii and the hottest clubs in Cabo.

With luxurious locations and behind-the-scenes footage, get ready to hit stunning locations to make the vacation enjoyable.

Secrets of Everything

(Discovery Channel, Saturday, 9 p.m.)

Using brilliant and simple demonstrations, hi-tech kits and extreme stunts, science adventurer Greg Foot explores the weird science behind everything from belly flops to black holes.

The programme attempts to answer queries like why the sky is blue or how to survive a lightning strike thus revealing how mysterious and incredible the world really is.