Love and Death

(MGM Movies, Friday, 7.15 p.m.)

Woody Allen invades the spirit of Tolstoy in this spoof of 18th Century Russia, when Napoleon is preoccupied with perfecting his pastry and before Wellington markets his beef. Co-stars Diane Keaton.

American Heart

(MGM Movies, Sunday, 6.45 p.m.)

A tough realistic film, it follows the volatile relationship of a recently released convict and his 15-year old son. As the father and son attempt reconciliation, they are drawn into the life on the street.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

(MGM Movies, Monday, 9 p.m.)

Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke race on to the screen as two modern-day ‘Robin Hoods’ in this futuristic adventure film.


(HBO, Sunday, 6.35 p.m.)

Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck) is a reverse engineer who performs contract technical jobs for people who hire him. Usually, he finishes his job in a short span of time, gets paid and his memory during the job is erased. The maximum time he has spent on a job is two months. Rethrick (Aaron Eckhart) wants to hire Michael for a job that will last 2-3 years for a large sum. After three years, he completes the job and his memory is erased. Michael finds out that he has earned more than 90 million dollars.

Vantage Point

(STAR Movies, Monday, 9 p.m.)

Eight strangers with eight different points of view try to unlock the truth behind an assassination attempt on the President of the United States. Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, and Bruce McGill are the lead players.