Blue Crush 2

(HBO, Saturday, 6.40 p.m.)

Eighteen-year-old Dana, who is a expert surfer, is pressured by her father to go to college. Dana flees her Beverly Hills home for the beaches of South Africa, her late mother’s home country.

With her mother’s journal in hand and a mismatched gang of surf fanatics watching her back, Dana embarks on an odyssey along the breathtaking southern coast of Africa to fulfil her mother’s dream. Stars Sasha Jackson and Elizabeth Mathis.

Grace Quigley

(MGM Movies, Friday, 9 p.m.)

Grace Quigley (Katharine Hepburn) is an old, worn-out woman with nothing to live for. So she hires a professional killer Seymour Flint (Nick Nolte) to kill her, but gently. One day, she thinks of a peaceful death which would be just opposite to her miserable life. She then convinces Seymour to murder not only her, but all other poor souls like her who have grown tired of life.

Soon, they find that there are several such people who would be willing to pay for this ‘courtesy.’

So, Grace, Seymour and his ditsy girlfriend Muriel (Kit Le Fever) conduct a business of killing the people who want to be free from their miserable lives.