Depression sets in when pressures mount and the student is incapable of coping on his own.

Watch out for the symptoms of depression. It is an illness, and unlike physical illness, signs of mental illness are very subtle.

Do not be too forceful or too critical.

Allow the youngster to communicate, listen with empathy, and understand what he/she is undergoing.

A lot of handholding and support will have to be given to help the youngster sail through the course.

If that does not work, give him/her the option of discontinuing the course.

Even if you are saying, “Come back, leave the course alone”, watch your body language and you mean what you say? Youngsters can easily pick up the mismatch between what you say and what you mean.

At this juncture it may become important and critical to tell the youngster that he/she matters more than the money spent on the studies.

What appears to be a pin-prick at first can fester into a wound, and the human mind can blow off just like a balloon that is loaded with more air than it can handle.

Take steps to prevent this from happening, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!