Wear a smile and make more friends

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Best medicine: Cultivate the habit of laughter and begin the day with a smile.
Best medicine: Cultivate the habit of laughter and begin the day with a smile.

Last week we discussed the first five scrolls from the book “the greatest sales man in the world”. The other five are as under:

Speak, only when you are confident that your speech is better than your silence. Some cause happiness wherever they go and some… whenever they go. You are the master of your emotions. Create your own weather. Force your actions to control your thoughts rather than the vice versa.

No matter how you feel on waking up in the morning, still you can smile and dance. Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have winkles. Cultivate the habit of laughter. Man is the only animal that can laugh. When things seem too serious or dismal, repeat the words, “this too will pass” and troubles appear lighter.

Believe in the quality of what you are selling. Multiply your value everyday. A grain has no choice to be ground into bread or to be planted to multiply. But you have a choice to perish or grow. Strive to make next hour better than the present one. When you set up a second goal on reaching the first goal, it leads to multiplying your value.

Every motion is not an action. Dream minus productive action is zero. Procrastination comes from lack of interest and fear. Jump into action to overcome fear. Failure is better than procrastination as it gives you an experience.

Every one turns to God in a moment of anguish or terror. But a true believer in God prays for guidance, not for help. Never pray Him for material things but for the knowledge to understand the way to acquire what is needed. Pray for good habits, for love and to reach worthwhile goals.

Riddle: A father, mother and son have to reach a distance of 5 miles. They walk at 2, 2 and 4 miles per hour respectively. They have a bicycle which only one of them can use at a time. They pedal at 8, 8 and 12 mph. what is the shortest time that all the three can complete the trip? Send your answers to the mail address below for a prize. Three winners will be selected on brevity of the answer.




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