KERALA UNIVERSITYSPECIAL GRANT: Now that the Government has announced Rs.10 crores as special grant for the State's universities, the University of Kerala has initiated action to prepare projects to utilise this special grant.Vice-Chancellor M.K. Ramachandran Nair has held preliminary discussions with various heads of departments and has asked them to come up with some schemes to be implemented using the grant. According to Dr. Nair, the University is also considering the possibility that it may have to spend its own money for setting up the much-talked-about business incubation centre. So far, the university has been unable to get Government clearance for this project."We cannot keep postponing this venture. This project is very vital. We have decided to set up the incubation facility at Kariavattom. If no funds are forthcoming from the Government, we will use our own funds to implement this project in phases. Once we launch the facility, we may even get funds from other sponsors," he told The Hindu-Educationplus.The projects for the special grant are expected to be ready in a couple of weeks, he added.CUSATWARNING TO STUDENTS: Cochin University authorities have decided to take action against students who violate the Cochin University Students' (conduct and disciplinary) code 2005. According to the disciplinary code prescribed by the university, students participating in strikes held on the campus will not be given financial support, including fellowships, scholarships, contingent and lump sum grants and subsidised hostel facilities. The university will not issue course, conduct and transfer certificates to students participating in agitations on the campus. Such students will not be given attendance, as part of the disciplinary action recommended by the university.Heads of Departments have been directed to take action against students found violating the code of conduct. SANSKRIT UNIVERSITYRESEARCH PROJECTS: Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit has initiated research projects, as part of getting financial assistance from the University Grants Commission (UGC). The move comes after the UGC decided to accord 12(B) status to the university. The university will be eligible to receive central assistance under the new status. The teaching faculty and researchers in the university will be eligible for getting assistance from the Commission, as per the new status. The UGC will also provide funds for undertaking various research projects. CALICUT UNIVERSITYCONVOCATION ADDRESS: Bhanu Pratap Mehta, president of New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research, will deliver the convocation address of the Calicut University on February 2. Dr. Mehta is also the convener of the National Knowledge Commission chaired by technocrat Sam Pitroda.M.COM. EXAMINATIONS AT GULF CENTRES: The first and second semester M.Com. examinations for students of the School of Distance Education at the Gulf Centres will begin on January 19. The centres are the Indian Consulate in Dubai, Indian Embassies at Doha and Qatar.PG MEDICAL RESULTS: The results of the PG Medicine examinations held at the Kozhikode Medical College in November have been published.B.TECH. EXAMINATIONS: The seventh semester B.Tech examination (paper PTME 2K 704-Machine Design and Drawing) will be held from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on January 18.