Around two lakh people took the IELTS test in India during 2008, pointing to its increasing popularity in the country, according to the IELTS authorities.

As the IELTS celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the number of candidates appearing for the test has risen to over one million globally, they said in a recent release. The test is accepted by over 6,000 organisations worldwide.

The test content is internationally focussed and generated by a network of test-material writers in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. All the standard varieties of English are accepted in candidates’ responses.

More than 2,000 academic institutions in the U.S., including the Ivy League schools, use the test for admission purposes.

IELTS is also used for entry into almost all higher education institutions in Australia, the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand. It is also accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.