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An antique table with multiple drawers.
An antique table with multiple drawers.

Like everyone else, I tend to enjoy window shopping a lot. However, my window shopping is a little unusual, in that I like to look at furniture--especially the exotic, decorative kind. Today, we’ll look at furniture items common in Western countries that may not be familiar to some of us.

Waterbed: This is exactly what it sounds like--a bed case containing a mattress filled with water. Waterbeds are believed to help relieve back pain, the theory being that the bed takes the form of the person and therefore minimises pressure on joints and the spine.

Waterbeds of course can be inconvenient in some ways, since the large quantity of water makes them quite heavy. For all that, water beds can be fun.

I remember my parents using a waterbed a long time ago, and I loved rolling on it to feel and hear the water sloshing about!

Love seat: The unusual name for this furniture piece is most likely going to make you wonder what it is!

In reality, almost all houses, even in India have a love seat!

A love seat is simply a sofa designed to seat two people.

Futon: Traditionally, a futon is Japanese bedding consisting of a mattress and quilts that can be folded away during the day, making the room multi-purpose in the daytime.

Today though, futons are modified to look like a foldable mattress that can also be used as a couch when placed on a wooden frame.

A futon is actually a smart multipurpose item of furniture that allows you to accommodate guests even without a dedicated spare bedroom.

I prefer futons to folding couches that open in to a bed.

Chest of drawers: I am quite a fan of this furniture item, especially since you can get them in impressive nice vintage styles.

A chest of drawers is exactly what it sounds like - horizontal drawers stacked on one another.

A chest of drawers is a perfect piece of furniture for the bedroom, and is great for storing miscellaneous items of clothing and accessories.






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