Tips to fight exam blues

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Shun tension: Never try to revise one subject for too long
Shun tension: Never try to revise one subject for too long

We were discussing tips to prepare for exams. 1. During revision, you may shockingly find some chapter completely missing your attention. Don’t panic.

Glance through it and decide whether it is necessary to read it at the eleventh hour. 2. Avoid talking during the study intervals. After completion of your studies don’t get tempted to call on your friend’s mobile even for few a minutes to know about his preparation. Though the intention is good, the discussion won’t stop there. 3. Never try to revise one subject for too long. One hour is just enough. 4. Note that revision means not just reading a chapter and vaguely remembering a few sentences immediately afterwards.

Writing exam

Writing the exam: 1. Stop talking one hour prior to exam. This helps your electro-magnetic-waves to settle down that ultimately increase your memory during exams. 2. Never read in auto or bus while going to the exam. Don’t do last minute cramming, standing outside the exam room. 3. Before start writing the exam close your eyes and try to think of nothing; tighten your left fist, take a deep breath and relax. This is called “cleaning the mind-slate”. It is like a karate player going into mood before stepping into the arena. 4. Spend the first two minutes reading the question paper.

Time allocation

Allocate time in proportion to the marks. Have the entire picture of the answer.

Determine the time to be spent on each question depending on the marks, rather than writing beyond requirement, just because you know the answer in detail.


5. Cricketers on the field chew bubble-gum to release their tension and exhaustion. In the same fashion, if you are comfortable, chew cardamom (elachi) while writing exam. 6. Write your exam with a pen that you are used to write with. 7. After coming out from the examination hall, don’t discuss how correct your answers are. This unnecessarily spoils your mood for the next exam. 8. Last but not the least... Write to communicate. Exams come and go; you will be there, sane, smiling and ready to enjoy the summer. Cheer up.


Gold ring winners: More than 150 correct entries were received for the ‘crown’ question.

Among them three winners are awarded gold rings based on their brevity and simplicity in answering. Following are the three lucky winners: P.V. Prasad, Bellammandi, Kadapa; Jagaramudi Sahiti, Station Road, Pedapally; and Visweswaracharya, Arundelpet, Guntur.




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