Students are no longer shackled when it comes to choice of subject for higher studies

Engineering and medicine may still be the most preferred courses, but who says other creative streams have no takers? Students today are exploring the wide array of courses that are on offer in colleges, including the humanities.

Arts is no longer perceived as the “last resort” as many students are actually opting for subjects under the arts stream out of interest. Be it political science or history, psychology or journalism, the lack of sheen as far as the pay packets are concerned are not deterring them from taking the plunge. Here is what some students told The Hindu EducationPlus :

Samarth Madhusudan Rao, Centre for Management Studies-Jain University

I am pursuing Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) final year. I have taken up media studies because media is a field that constantly challenges one’s abilities and doesn’t end up to be a boring 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. job behind a desk. The advantage of being in the media is that there are no restrictions for a person to work in a particular avenue. I am currently planning to become an advertisement film maker.

Jincy Joseph, Kristu Jayanti College

I am very passionate about psychology, hence I took up the B.A. (Journalism, Psychology and English) course and I am in my second year right now. I intend to pursue my career in the field of psychology and become an industrial psychologist.

Jose Dominic, Christ University

I am currently doing my B.A. in Communication and Media, English and Psychology. I have chosen this stream because the combination of the course is apt for me as I aspire to pursue a career in the field of advertising. This course has been very fruitful as it lets me explore almost all the fields that I would need to establish myself in my dream career.

Kruthi M.S., Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women

I graduated in B.A. (Psychology, Journalism and Sociology) this year. I chose psychology because I believe it is enigmatic and pragmatic evidence of the known and the unknown and the subject amuses me. I am aspiring to function as a clinical psychologist in the realm of analytic psychology. I am also longing to establish a career as a forensic psychologist.

Aishwarya Kirit, Mount Carmel College

I am doing my B.A. in Communication and Media and I am in the second year now. I just love the study modules that this course offers. It includes print, radio, film and the like. I want to carve a niche in the broadcast media.