If one looks at the evolution of universities within the State, some trends are available.

(1) Universities used to expand through new postgraduate centres away from the headquarters.. Such PG centres were eventually made a new university by taking away a part of the geographic area of the parent university. It was done to meet the challenges of expansion of institutions of higher education particularly with reference to affiliation, examination and overall administration.

(2) Of late, the trend is the birth of mono-faculty universities, having only one faculty/discipline of study with State-wide jurisdiction, leading to centralisation. The earlier logic of creating new universities with reduced area of jurisdiction was completely ignored. The respective departments/faculty from all existing universities were affiliated to the new university, creating the present-day technical/health/law universities. Each of them is reduced to the level of just an affiliation and examination body. With this development, traditional universities are deprived of major disciplines, denting the holistic approach of universities. The worst affected are subjects such as humanities and social sciences.