Take a stance right or wrong

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EXPRESSING VIEWS: Taking the right stand at the right moment can have far reaching result.
EXPRESSING VIEWS: Taking the right stand at the right moment can have far reaching result.


The nation needs its youth to stay informed of what's happening around, express their opinion and shed indifference. The need of the hour is well-informed youth

Straight from the heart of students

MGIT:The climate is political, has anyone noticed? Issues and more issues... these are the buzzword everywhere. Reservations, freedom of expression, cinematic liberty and artistic freedom are the hot topics being discussed when old friends catch up or in the comfort of one's drawing room watching evening news. Issues are around us. They were all these days, if only in another form and name. Is it that one notices only when one is directly influenced by it? For example do we talk about freedom of expression only because it came up on our dear hero's neck? Are we raising our voice against the so-called vote-bank politics only because it may affect our admission into PG course next year? Is Narmada Bachao Andolan significant only because they tore down an actor's posters? Is cinematic liberty worth a debate only when our favourite book's cinematic version's release is on tenterhooks? Worse still, do we youth actually care about these issues or is it the release of a movie we are looking forward to? Would we oppose and speak up against or at least give a thought to issues that may not on the surface be directly related to us, issues of utmost political and social importance. How many college-goers care to follow the budget annually? Keeping the fact in mind that most of us are going to be taxpayers in a couple of years. How many of us are bothered about the outrageous freebies promised in TN elections? How many cared about the NBA issue?

Gaining insight

Why would we have to worry about a dam in Gujarat and elections in TN or for that matter whatever happens in some obscure part of the nation? Because even if we are outside their sphere of influence, understanding things can give us insight into how the machinery works, how far are promises from implementation and the functioning and nature of politcal parties that rule us and countless other things worth caring about.We need not go down the streets shouting slogans nor do we have to start a rebellion.All our nation needs is its youth to stay informed of what's happening around and take a stance, have an opinion, just shed indifference. Take a stance right or wrong and we'll learn the hard way about the complexities of the issues.Even if we were on the wrong side of the debate it doesn't matter, as we'd be better equipped to form an opinion. Things are not black and white and are mostly grey, so are many issues, what with right and wrong being subjective. The need of the hour is well-informed youth. Youth that cares about what is happening around them and what laws the Government formulates. And as they say `it is a little bit harder to fool well-informed people'. Have an OPINION, take a STANCE and VOTE!



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