Sushi, a global food phenomenon

Sameeksha Bansal
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Assorted Sushi
Assorted Sushi

With the ever increasing globalisation, cultures are being mingled, assimilated, and adapted all the time. Food and cuisine from other cultures typically see a high degree of adaptation. Today, we’ll look at a food item from the east, which is hugely popular in the west -- Sushi.

Sushi is extremely common popular in most Western countries, and especially in the USA. We do not know much about it here in India, but that will probably change soon enough, so it would be good know the basics. Sushi is a Japanese food that is actually a combination of rice, raw fish (or other seafood), and commonly also some seaweed. That might not be the most appetising description you have read, but it actually makes for extremely palatable food. There are many varieties of Sushi, but for now we will take a look at a more westernized variation. This popular form of sushi is served as rolls, with layers consisting of rice, seaweed, veggies such cucumber, and of course raw fish or other seafood. The rolls can be made either with the rice on the outside, or with the seaweed on the outside.

If you are going to eat Sushi, there are a few more things you should know. Sushi is typically served with three condiments: wasabi, soya sauce, and pickled ginger strips. Traditional Sushi has wasabi already in it, but you can add more of it if you like the kick and the zing. Wasabi is a greenish coloured paste which is very, very pungent. Remember to only have the tiniest bit of it with your Sushi!

The soya sauce helps enhance the flavour: dip the sushi very lightly in the sauce, not soaking in too much and changing the taste altogether. The pickled ginger serves as a palate cleanser, and is meant to be eaten between varieties of sushi. And remember, each roll of sushi is best eaten in a single bite. The last step is the all important ‘how to eat it?’ In India we are not familiar with the use of chopsticks but luckily that is not a problem with sushi, since it is acceptable to pick up sushi rolls with your fingers and eat them.

Sameeksha Bansal



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