EC grants available for master’s courses.

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Each year, scores of students take education loans and study at universities in other countries. Now, they may find it easier to study in European countries as a lot of grants are available, funded by the European Commission under the Third Country Scholarships category.

Julia Gonzalez, Vice-Rector, International Relations, Universidad de Deusto (UD), Spain, said five master’s degrees are offered under this category — Network on Humanitarian Action, Euro Culture, Life-Long Learning, International Trade Law, Nutrition and Health Management.

Network on Humanitarian Action is a multidisciplinary course with building blocks, horizontal issues and optional components. In horizontal issues, topics such as Geopolitics, Anthropology, International Law, Management, Medicine and Public Health in Humanitarian Action are covered. Graduates normally find employment in international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

The main objective of Master’s in Euro Culture is to prepare personnel to work in the field of international relations. The universities in which this programme is run are based in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Italy and Sweden.

The Life-Long Learning programme is for educators and relates to all learning activity undertaken throughout the lifespan, from childhood through retirement and beyond. This course is offered in three universities in Europe, which are based in Spain, London and Copenhagen.

The programme in health management and nutrition can be taken up by those in the healthcare sector and also by management students. The programme on International Trade Law mainly looks into the various aspects of European trade laws.