Students are not letting go of any opportunity to get the best placement offers in these days of hard luck. The students of the P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and Science are making the most of off-campus interviews also in addition to the placements they get on their campus. Principal N. Satyanarayanasays that thestudents do not wantto take chances andthey are going to attendplacement interviewsheld by variouscompanies in far awayplaces so that they willnot miss any goodchance. He says thatnearly 50 students oftheir colleges will findjobs in both on and offcampus placementsthis year. Some of themhave already receivedoffer letters.One student attendedan off-campus interviewconducted bythe Sutherland GlobalServices, Chennai. Shegot placement as an executivetrainee. Anotherfour students wereselected as customerservice executives byWipro BPO. ThermaxLtd., Pune, conductedcampus interviews inwhich four studentsgot selected as graduatetrainees. WiproTechnologies also selectednine studentsfor Wipro InfoTechMS trainees. This givesselected students anopportunity to studyM.Sc. as well.GRK