Louborough University’s Centre for Renewable Energy Systems and Technology (CREST) offers internationally-recognised masters programme in renewable energy.

The university has been closely collaborating with IIT-Bombay in solar energy research in the area of stability and performance of photovoltaics.

The director of postgraduate studies of the university, Dr. Richard Blanchard, who was in Chennai recently, spoke on the university’s research collaboration with the IITs in India and his initiative to study the efficiency and stability of the solar energy systems in India.

“Various researches are on to study the performance of solar panels in Indian environment, and also to make them more robust. Our university has been conducting joint research with IIT-Bombay, IIT-Guwahati and IIT- Kharagpur,” Dr. Blanchard says. Apart from solar energy systems, research is focussed on rural hybrid energy enterprise system and biogas technology and gasification technology.

“India has plenty of resource potential from varied sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

With such diverse sources of alternative energy, India can solve the power crisis that it is currently undergoing,” he says.

The research focuses on the viability of setting up of solar thermal power plant in order to generate power to a larger geographical region.


Loughborough University would be collaborating with The Madras School of Economics, Chennai, and with The Energy and Resources Institute, Dispur, in working out a workable business model in taking the renewable energy to the end-user.

The university is also part of the IET Power Academy that comprises eight universities and 16 power-related companies in the U.K., and this enables cutting research in the field. “Such a system trains our students to work as engineers in the renewable energy sector and prepare them for job opportunities as well,” says Dr. Blanchard.

Niche courses

Dr. Lisa Blenkinsop, senior international officer, Loughborough University, says that in the recent times, a lot many international students from India have opted for some niche courses offered at the university.

The popular courses are Masters in sports psychology and in sports management. “We have about ten students from India, who are pursing sports-related courses and the reason for the popularity could be the IPL and hockey league that is gaining momentum in the country,” she says.

The university also offers masters in ergonomics. The design school of the university offers specialised courses in design.

For details , write tol.blenkinsop@lboro.ac.uk. Website: www.lboro.ac.uk

“With diverse sources of alternate energy, India can solve the power crisis that it is currently undergoing.”