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Sameeksha Bansal
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Piping hot
Piping hot

The one smell I always find welcome, any time of the day, is the smell of coffee! Coffee is quite popular all over the world, and although we tend to associate South India as the main coffee drinking region of India,

I am sure coffee is becoming a popular drink all over the country gradually.

For all that, we are probably used to fewer varieties of coffee than other parts of the world, so let us discuss these coffee variations today.

Being able to get coffee on the go is an important service offers by most cafés in the West. Even public transport systems such as trains have cup-holders placed in a few seats.

While we are used to coffee made with milk and sugar, it is common to have black coffee in many Western countries.

If you want to order black coffee at a café, you should generally ask for an ‘Americano’.

After you get the coffee, you can always add the milk and sugar on your own--cafe’s typically set up milk jugs and sugar sachets on a small table.

Another variety of coffee, called ‘espresso’ is a shot of concentrated coffee that happens to be quite popular in many European countries. Espresso is very strong and is served is tiny portions--just about usually 60 ml, usually.

Espresso forms the basic component for most other coffee beverages like Latte and Cappuccino. These are drinks are actually similar to each other, the main difference being in the foam quantity. While the Cappuccino has equal parts of espresso, milk and foam, the Latte has half portion milk and the other half is split equally between espresso and foam. So technically, a Cappuccino is a Latte with extra foam.

The quantity of coffee served is another interesting difference. In the west, many coffee houses serve bottomless cups for black coffee, so you can refill your cup without having to pay extra.

This is of course not applicable to the coffee drinks such as cappuccino. The basic black coffee is relatively inexpensive in most coffee shops. Other varieties of coffee can get expensive depending on what you order.

Sameeksha Bansal




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