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This school in Cuddalore has done away with the Science group, in a bid to encourage entrepreneurship among students, especially girls.

At the school’s agro farm, young entrepreneurs interact with Elaine, an eco worker from Auroville.
At the school’s agro farm, young entrepreneurs interact with Elaine, an eco worker from Auroville.

Akshara Vidyashram, a co-educational school in Cuddalore, affiliated to CBSE, has decided to shut down the science groups in Class XI, starting 2014-15.

The step is being taken to discourage parents from opting for the science stream, generally seen by them as the only means of ensuring a bright future for their children. The school has decided to offer an entrepreneurship stream, with a focus on empowering girl students.

Many educationists say that girls tend to be more serious about school than boys. They comply with the rules, complete the work, and are generally conscientious about regularity and school work.

The board examinations results of the past many years have consistently shown that the pass percentage and top ranks have been dominated by girls.

Parents who struggle to support the family tend to evoke a sense of realisation among girls that life can be better if they hit upon a better career path.

Founded by C K Vijayalakshmi and Radhika Mohan in 1993, the school has always believed in nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in students, particularly girls.

The school believes that age 15 - 18 is an ideal time to learn — to take risks, to try new things and to put forth new ideas.

The entrepreneurship programme for classes XI and XII based on the CBSE curriculum will be open to both boys and girls.

A residential facility for a limited number of students will also be available.

The school will offer five options in entrepreneurship:

The aspiring Fashion/ Art entrepreneur: English, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Painting, Economics

The aspiring Agro Entrepreneur and Organic Farmers: English, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Business Studies, Accountancy

The aspiring IT Entrepreneurs: English, Entrepreneurship, Multimedia & Web technology, Graphic design, Business studies

The aspiring Heritage Craft Entrepreneur: English, Entrepreneurship, Heritage craft, Business studies and Painting

The General Entrepreneur: English, Entrepreneurship, Business studies, Accountancy and Economics

English and Entrepreneurship are compulsory subjects.



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