University of Sheffield has laid out a series of attractive scholarships for Indian students with exceptional academic potential who are seeking admission to the university’s undergraduate, post graduate and, in particular, its management courses.

With this, the university aims to support international students who require financial assistance so that they are able to benefit from studies which will payback many times over in the long run.

Indian students can avail the benefits of numerous guaranteed scholarships.

All undergraduate students holding an offer for the faculties of engineering, science, arts, the School of Law and Social Sciences (including the Management School) will be entitled to an automatic scholarship with no need to apply for it.

The scholarships are worth £1500 for social sciences, arts and law and £2000 for engineering and science.There are also five India specific Merit Undergraduate Scholarships and ten International Baccalaureate Scholarships (open to all nationalities) worth £7000 each that are to be awarded on the basis of academic merit. Website:

international/countries/ asia/south-asia/india/ scholarships.