Over the past few years, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in supermarkets and large grocery stores in our cities. Although the concept is not new to us, the popularity of these stores certainly is. Today let us look at different categories of stores and some popular chains under each category.

Big Box Store: A term used to describe a big retail store that sells a large variety of things under one roof. Depending largely on what the store stocks, these stores may be further classified as either department stores or hypermarkets. A few popular examples of big box stores popular in the USA are Target and Walmart. The shopping experience in such stores can be interesting because of their immense size. These stores are usually very large, and sell just about everything under the sun, from groceries to sports equipment to even guns, in some cases. Selling everything under one roof means that they can offer low prices, so these stores are also known as discount stores.

Warehouse Club: These stores are similar to Big Box stores, but differ in a technical detail that requires customers to buy large quantities or wholesale quantities of the products. Being able to sell things in bulk in this way allows the stores to offer low costs to their customers. Warehouse club stores typically charge a membership fee from customers, and you cannot even shop at these stores without a membership. Popular chains include Costco and Sam’s Club.

Variety Store: Stores of this type sell inexpensive products striving to sell as many items as possible at a single price point. Variety stores usually stock a limited range of items. Examples include Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only Store. An older name for these type of stores is ‘dime store.’

Convenience Store and Drugstore: Convenience stores are usually corner stores that stock a small range of everyday items such as such as basic groceries, drinks, newspapers, etc. Drugstores on the other hand are primarily small pharmacies that also stock a few generic items. ‘Drugstore’ is the name of the category, but you will typically not find a pharmacy that has the actual word ‘drugstore’ on its sign board.