Should there be reservation in institutions of higher education such as Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)? Here are the views of Education Plus readers on the issue.

Standard of the institutions will suffer

Though caste-based reservation will help the economically backward students to get equal opportunity, reservation in higher educational institutions will definitely affect not only the quality of education but the standard of institutions and the overall development of our country too. Caste-based reservation only helps politicians to create vote banks. The real solution to the reservation tangle is to increase the number of IITs and IIMs with merit as selection criterion. S.SELVAKUMAR,
I B.E. (EEE),
Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology.

Quality will be affected

IITs and IIMs are centres of excellence in India and they have shaped the best brains of the country. The only factor that distinguishes them from other educational institutions is their selection procedure which is based on performance in the qualifying examination. Reservation in such elite institutions will downgrade quality of education. SEETHALAKSHMY.P,
3rd B.E. Computer Science and Engineering,
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College.
Denial of chance

Reservations in IIMs and IITs will only deny the meritorious students their chances to enter the prestigious institutions. Merit and intelligence, and not caste and community considerations, should be the only criterion for admission to these institutions. Students coming under quota may be given exemption in fees. MANJU.M.PRIYA,
B.E. (CSE),
SNS College of Technology.

Reservation must

Reservation in higher educational institutions is necessary to bring out the best in those who cannot afford to study in such institutions. Only the reservation system can help students from the middle and lower class families to come up. S.ARUN PRASATH
Ist BE (Mech.),
Government Collage of Technology.

Stop forgeries

Reservation in higher educational institutions is inevitable. Otherwise students of backward communities will be deprived of quality education. But nowadays many people take advantage of this and forge community certificates. Steps should be taken to stop this malpractice strictly.S.SHOBANA,
Avinasilingam Deemed Varsity.

Increase seats

Reservation, irrespective of institutions, is essential for deserving candidates among the backward communities. The number of seats in educational institutions could be increased so that other meritorious candidates are not affected.R.SRIGANESH,
III B.Tech (Mech. Engg),
Amrita School of Engineering.

Focus on school dropouts

In these days of economic boom, it is inappropriate to bring in reservation. If authorities are really interested to uplift the downtrodden, let them consider it at the primary school level. It is on school education that the Government should concentrate, as dropouts in schools are alarmingly high. Reservation should be on the basis of economic background and not on that of caste.BHARGAVI. R,
II B.E. (EEE),
Karpagam College Of Engineering.