HoD of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering of VIET B. Avinash Ben received Ph.D. in mechanical engineering for his thesis, synthesis and characterisation of granite reinforced aluminium ally matrix nanocomposite. Prof. Ch. Ratnam was his research guide.An Assistant Professor of M.V.R. PG and Degree College P.V.D. Soujanya Kumari was awarded Ph.D. in environmental sciences for her thesis, studies on biosorption of fluoride in groundwater by bacterial strains, prepared under the guidance of Prof. P.V.V. Prasada Rao, Chairman of Board of Studies of the department.

Doctorate was awarded to M.G.P. Lakshmi in commerce and management studies for her thesis, employee engagement in public sector-a case study of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. Prof. M. Madhusudhana Rao and Prof. B. Mohan Venkata Ram were her guides.

Another study on VSP earned Ph.D. for Fathimunisa Begam Afsar Hanfy, for her thesis, strategic cost management practices (a case study of Visakahapatnam Steel Plant) done under the guidance of Prof. P. Viswanadham.

A faculty of ECE in Lakkireddy Balireddy Engineering College at Mylavaram Jetti Babu was awarded Ph.D. in ECE for his thesis, array pattern synthesis from circular apertures and arrays. Prof. G.S.N. Raju, present Principal of AU College of Engineering was his research guide.

Two received doctorates in nuclear physics. Associate Professor of B.V.C. Engineering College at Vodalarevu near Amalapuram S. Abdul Sattar received Ph.D. for his thesis, study of trace element distribution in anti-cancer and anti-epileptic medicinal plants by Pixe analysis, and a scientist at Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi Subir Nath, for his thesis fusion fission dynamics in A-200 region. Prof. P.V. Madhusudhana Rao was research guide for both.

Jalledi Kiran Kumar was awarded Ph.D. in English for his thesis, the concept of self and society in the novels of Arun Joshi-a critical study. Prof. Pinninti Varalakshmi, a former MLA, was his research guide.

A research scholar of Department of Geography Guntreddi Tammi Naidu received Ph.D. for his thesis, agroclimatic analyses of Adilabad district-a study through water balance, remote sensing and GIS techniques. Prof. B. Hema Malini was his research guide.

Three received Ph.D.s in physics. A faculty member of D.N.R. College, Bhimavaram Mandru Vijaya Syamala Prasad was awarded doctorate for his thesis, vibrational and electronic spectral study of some 5 and 6-membered substituted heterocyclic compounds. Principal of AU College of Science and Technology V. Veeraiah was his research guide.

Badireddy Suryanarayana received Ph.D. for his thesis synthesis, structural, magnetic and electrical studies on mixed magnetic nano ferrites. Prof. K. Chandramouli was his research guide.

Revu Dhanaraju was awarded doctorate degree for his thesis structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Cu-Zn and Cu-Sb ferrites. Chairman of PG Board of Studies Prof. S. Bangar Raju was his research guide.

G. Srinivasa Rao was awarded Ph.D. in commerce and management studies for his thesis performance and progress of life insurance business in the era of reforms-a study with reference to LIC of India, done under the guidance of former Principal of AUCAS Balla Appa Rao.

Senior Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering in GVP College of Engineering, Madhurawada C.V. Nageswara Rao received Ph.D. in chemical engineering for his thesis design and performance enhancement of PID controllers for integrating systems with time delay. Prof. R. Padma Sree was his research guide.

Doctorate was awarded to V. Soma Sekhara Rao in pharmaceutical sciences for his thesis studies on marine antagonistic actinomycetes. Prof. T. Prabhakar was his research guide.

Principal of Maneru College of Law, Khammam Bolla Mohan Rao received Ph.D. for his thesis on rights of project affected people-the Special Economic Zone Act 2005 and the rights of project-affected families: a socio legal study (with special reference to Kakinada SEZ Pvt. Ltd.). Prof. Annam Subrahmanyam was his research guide.

Vanjarana Narasinga Rao was awarded Ph.D. in law for his thesis socio legal diagnosis of human right to health, done under the guidance of Prof. Y. Satyanarayana.

A study on library helped Padaval Sanjeeva Rao to earn Ph.D. in library and information science. His thesis was on information seeking behaviour of user community of Dr. V.S. Krishna Library, Andhra University: a case study. Prof. Pillala Bhaskara Rao was his principal research guide and Prof. K. Somasekhara Rao, assistant guide.

Chintala Chalapathi Rao was awarded Ph.D. in politics and public administration for his thesis, urban government and politics in Andhra Pradesh: a case study of Parvathipuram municipality. HoD Prof. E.A. Narayana was his research guide.

Saviri Ramamohana Rao received Ph.D. in organic chemistry for his thesis total synthesis of ondansetron and synthesis, characterisation and bio evaluation of give and six membered heterocycles containing N,O and S. Prof. Parimi Atchyutaramayya and Prof. Y.L.N. Murthy were his research guides.