Dr. P. Jaykar Babu, Registrar, Dr. NTR University of Health SciencesAttitude and aptitude are two most important factors for career-seekers in medical stream. Students should not yield to pressure while choosing their options. After MBBS, I would suggest that they opt for a post-graduation course. In addition to a lot of hard work and commitment, it takes nine years. MBBS, therefore, is not the right choice for students seeking instant money. There are 3,875 medical seats in the State out of which 3,214 will be filled by the university. Graduates of physiotherapy also have good demand. B.Sc (nursing) is a noble course, which has high demand in the US and many European countries. The course has been thrown open for males from this year. It is a wise option for those seeking an immediate job. Prof. Devala Rao, Principal, KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmacy, VijayawadaIn Andhra Pradesh there are 85 colleges of pharmacy with 4,850 seats. Twenty per cent of these are reserved under management quota. It can be called a `three-tier' system offering courses in diploma, B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy. Students choosing this option should be interested in chemistry since 70 to 80 per cent of it is chemistry. It has a bright future. Eight per cent of the jobs are concentrated in the private sector but they offer hefty salary packs. Dr. Subramanyam, Principal, Vishnu College of Dental Sciences, BhimavaramDentistry is an amalgamation of arts and science. It is a constantly evolving course. After completion of BDS, one can start his or her own clinic. The job is especially convenient for women as it provides ample leisure time. There are nearly 205 dental institutions across the country. With new courses being added at regular intervals and toothache becoming rampant, students opting for this course are sure to go places. Dr. P. Ravi Kumar, Assistant Prof., NTR College of Veterinary Sciences, VijayawadaGovernment has bifurcated veterinary sciences but the bifurcation will be implemented only from the next academic year. The five-year course in veterinary science provides 100 per cent job security. Andhra Pradesh has only three veterinary colleges and there is an eternal dearth of veterinary doctors in the Government sector. In the agriculture sector, however, there are not many jobs in the Government sector, while private sector offers good opportunities.