New visa rules and some legislations make it more attractive to study in the U.K. “Earlier when an employer had to recruit an international student, he was supposed to declare why he was employing one when there were home and EU students available. With the new visa rules, this test has been ruled out. Now employers are clear and they are fine with recruiting international students,” says Preety Bansal, Country Manager for India, Newcastle University, who was in Chennai recently.

There is also the Ph.D Extension rule by which any students completing his/her doctorate can stay in the U.K. for 12 more months and try and find work.

In addition there is the tier-1 graduate entrepreneur route. This is for those students who do not want to work for a company but want to start their own business.

Chris Traynor, Careers Advisor from the Career Service of Newcastle University, reinforces the effectiveness of this last legislation, “we are now able to endorse up to 20 students from our university who are able to go on and get the tier-1 visas from the government.”

The University has introduced eight scholarships for Indian students. The last date of application is June 30.Website:


Shubashree Desikan